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Neighborhoods First

Kwanza was born and raised in Atlanta.

Through his ongoing work and leadership on the City Council, Kwanza has passed legislation that increased public safety, affordable housing and accessible transportation. He has been a strong advocate for environmental responsibility, and he has worked to unite diverse groups, bring jobs to the community and increase Atlanta’s visibility outside of Georgia.

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Our Vision

“I envision an Atlanta where every neighborhood, every community, every Atlantan benefits equally from City services and public safety protection; where City government is honest and transparent and provides cost-effective and efficient municipal services; where opportunities for doing business with the City are based solely on merit and ability to perform; where every new development is consistent with the character of its proposed location; where  our neighborhoods are protected and sufficient affordable housing is available; where our parks and green spaces are preserved and enhanced, and our environment is cleaner; where traffic and transportation are improved to relieve congestion and ease movement from home to work, to shop, to play; a city where children have good schools; a city where local, national and international businesses find a good home and everyone can benefit from economic growth and new jobs.”

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What people are saying about Kwanza
Such a good man! Got my vote! Thanks for all that you do for art and music especially!

Abby W.

You have believed in me and I believe in you brother!

Marc B.

Kwanza, you are the mayor we need.

Kevin G.

You are the Mayor Atlanta needs.

Vlad S.

I absolutely love ❤ Kwanza Hall!”

Obabiyi C.

I will vote for you because you will represent ALL the people of Atlanta and will work diligently to improve the QUALITY OF LIFE!!

Von B.

Proud of your hard work.

Kamil N.

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