Get Involved

We are taking our campaign to the next level and you too can officially form part of #TeamKwanza!
Election day is just around the corner and your help will make all the difference in helping to elect Kwanza as our next mayor.

Make a contribution

The best way you can help us spread our message is by making a contribution. No amount is too small. Any amount makes a difference and helps get our message out to voters before Election Day!

Host a meet and greet

Kwanza would love to meet your friends and family!

Get in touch with Team Kwanza and let us help you set up a Kwanza Hall meet and greet in your neighborhood.

Represent the campaign

Show everyone that you support Kwanza Hall as our next Mayor. Wear a t-shirt, put up a yard sign or drive around town with a bumper sticker - we've got you covered with with your campaign swag!

We got you covered with your campaign swag.

Volunteer for the Campaign

We’re always in need of friendly faces, for everything from phone banking to knocking on doors and spreading the word and helping Kwanza get elected.

Stay connected

Keep up to date on all news and events from Team Kwanza!