Our Priorities

Public Safety

For all Atlantans to feel safe, we need to spend our public safety dollars wisely. We need to continue to build a strong network of cooperation between law enforcement and the communities they protect.

I believe we achieve this goal through the following initiatives:

  • Safety First: Strengthen the Atlanta Police Force by Focusing on Retention, Professional and Personal Development and Shared Success. I will work to double down on retention efforts for APD officers. Strategies will include fine-tuning recruitment efforts and increase military veteran recruitment, offering best-in-class salary packages, increasing opportunity for training and professional development, expanding incentives to live in the City of Atlanta and offering regular psychological and emotional evaluation and support.
  • Modernize Atlanta Police Department’s (APD) training facilities. My Administration will work with the leadership of APD and invest in the state of the art training facilities in order to give the City’s police force every possible advantage in carrying out their mission to protect and serve.
  • Affirm Commitment to 21st Century Policing. My administration would make further investments in technology to help make data more useful and usable. I will focus on new policies to provide as much transparency and accountability for video footage that is collected through the network of street cameras and body-worn cameras.

Make public safety a priority. Make your voice heard:


Atlanta is a vibrant city and all of our communities deserve every opportunity to clean environment and accessible transportation.

We need to ensure this goal is achieved for all by:

  • Better Roads for every neighborhood. Invest in easing traffic, filling potholes, fixing roads and providing efficient public transportation that’s convenient for every neighborhood.
  • Expanding the Streetcar and turning operations over to MARTA, and expanding light rail in dedicated rights-of-way, not in the middle of traffic.
  • I will work with MARTA’s Board and management to expand bus services and the Streetcar’s areas of service outward from the Beltline to various key points in downtown Atlanta.
  • My administration will also work to provide multi-modal stations in Atlanta. Greyhound, Megabus, MARTA, Amtrak, and future commuter trains like the proposed Clayton Commuter Rail must all have in common, centrally located and accessible stations in our city.

Make transportation a priority. Make your voice heard:

Education & Workforce Development

The opportunities our children receive at a young age help determine their futures and I’m committed to creating a bridge towards success.

  • Create an Office of Neighborhoods, Non-Profits and Faith to streamline additional resources to vital community services like education, senior services, affordable housing and public safety.
  • Strengthen Public Education for all by offering college credit for community service, and increasing summer programs and more job training for young people.
  • Stand up for Atlanta Entrepreneurs by increasing available capital for women and minority owned small neighborhood businesses, and make economic development a top priority.

Make education a priority. Make your voice heard:

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is the most challenging issue that Atlanta will need to solve and I am best-suited to bring about these solutions because I’ve been doing it in my own district. I will expand this work into all Atlanta neighborhoods by:

  • Delivering 10,000 new housing units at a variety of price points by utilizing Atlanta Housing Authority property or other appropriate land and buying down the cost of land around corridors needing redevelopment served by transit.
  • Encouraging more diversity in types of housing via micro-housing, duplexes and garden apartments that can be incorporated into existing neighborhoods, along with the expansion of the Accessory Dwelling Unit legislation I passed in Spring of 2017.
  • Restoring and increasing the capacity of Community Development Corporations across Atlanta to ensure that smaller, local investors can have a financial stake in the success of their communities

Make affordability a priority. Make your voice heard: